Fundamental capabilities of a Web Blog

Blogs are the place where one can design the content of their choice similar to the web site. The representation of the blogs can be done in many ways as the interest of the people is not unique and this has proved with the increase in the count of the blogs available in vast numbers on the web. Blogs are free to search, comment and share the information where as sites and forums need access that is to be authorized by the administrator with a valid account login. Blogs are categorized in too many types based on the requirements. Individual blogs, business blogs, health blogs, tech blogs are some of the blog names in the infinite existence of their number.

If you are said to be a professional, an expert in your field, want to share your expertise with others and you want to earn professional recognition. You are hunting for a job and wish to market yourself, if you are an educational consultant and wish to advertise your services. It is possible for all the above people and organization to find an inexpensive, yet highly visible medium which cuts across language and geographical barriers the Blog provides an ideal medium for all these people to create their presence with the help of Internet or World Wide Web. Blogs have grown faster and faster than the internet and is measured by the number of web blogs and their types which are situated on the web in countless number. Blogs are also used to generate online income for both individual and the business people by taking an active part in the adsense, ad words, and banner ads for corporate companies and also for the individual stores and online business men. No other medium has the vast number of potential and educational people who access the net.

So, if you want to survive, thrive and compete, then you no longer can ignore the web. Your marketing strategy, may be personal or organizational, should include plans for creating the presence with the help of the Blog in the web. The basic fundamental capabilities that help to gain the advantage of one’s blog when compared to other blogs are: Customization, information should be maintained in the blog in such a way that it can be easily accessible. Interaction, two way or multi channel communication should be possible from one blog to other to access the data. Collaboration, seamless access to the shared data, coordination and information management results in enhanced opportunity for joint development. Integration, we can link all the internal activities of the blog with the help of a blog management tools available on the internet. In Blogs we have an option to provide the feedback to the blog owner, which helps to increase the blog rating. Blogs can be created in many ways where there are some dedicated blog services who take the total responsibility and maintenance of the blog. There are free Blog presence providers in which we ourselves have to take care of all the design, content, quality and the technical issues.

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